Giày lười một sản phẩm thời trang mùa hè đẳng cấp nhất

Giày lười một sản phẩm thời trang mùa hè đẳng cấp nhất

A giày lười guy we’re going to be talking about our favorite giày lười so I have three of my top favorites and on a brought her top favorite and we’re just going to be comparing them and kind of saying which ones we would pick for which occasions and also what is our ultimate favorite if you could only invest in one so we’re comparing these Gucci giày lười to the salvatore ferragamo to the Mansoor Gavriel flats and I just brought my favorite giày lười which are the Valentino sole Roxette giày lười so as I mentioned we’re going to be comparing these so we’re going to talk about comfort we’re going to talk about durability we’re going to talk about occasion we’re going to talk about style so yeah let’s get into it so I’m going to start with my gucci jordan giày lười as you guys know these are some of my favorite shoes in my closet my favorite thing about them is how they look on your feet they’re really really flattering they just make your feet look thin and super beautiful I love the minimal gold hardware I think that it’s a very muted and not shiny gold so it can work with any sort of jewelry and I just really think that they’re super flattering I think that they’re very schoolboy they add a schoolboy touch but they’re very elegant as well I just think they’re very very versatile so now we begin to comfort they’re very comfortable they have the sort of medium hard leather so they’re not the softest leather that I have in giày lười but they’re not a patent so they are pretty comfortable for a shoe especially when you’re comparing to heels and things like that they are very very comfortable but for flats on a scale of 0 to 10 they are like a 9 so they’re very very close to being SuperDuper comfortable but there are giày lười I have that are a little bit more comfy because they’re like lambskin leather versus its ass more structured hard leather which i think is part of the reason they’re so flattering as far as durability they are really soft smooth leather so they do scratch but because I got them in black you can’t really tell and they do have wear from the crease because they are a little bit harder of a leather so they do hold that where there but I don’t think it looks bad it still maintains its shape and looks very very flattering on and in general I think I’ve worn them a ton and they don’t look bad at all so they do wear well but if you look very closely they do have quite a few scratches you really have to look for that though because they honestly at first glance they look pretty much new yeah yeah for sure and as far as occasion I see these as SuperDuper versatile so these are things that I can wear with just jeans and a t-shirt when I want to look really cool girl and super laid back and I also love wearing these to business meetings when I want them to look a little bit dressy and play up that menswear look I want to wear them to like black-tie event but pretty much anything below that I think they can be worn as dresses for a nice evening they can look really good and they can kind of make a very fancy dress look a little bit more casual but I think they can go pretty dressy so I would say that they’re very versatile for a flat shoe and then stall wise as I mentioned these are my some of my favorite shoes because of how stylish and also how beautiful they look on your feet so they definitely get a 10 out of 10 for that and the other thing I’ll get into is the price so in the u.s. these shoes currently retail for 730 dollars so they are definitely on the more expensive end for giày lười but in my opinion they’re definitely worth it so my giày lười are the Valentino givanni rock studs so giày lười and I absolutely love these so I bought these on a little bit of a win I’ve actually originally been looking at the Fendi Oxford they were part of the monster collection so they had the little faces on the side and I was in love with them and then I thought about it too long and they were snatched out from underneath my nose underneath all of the noses at Barneys they were no longer available and I found these instead and I absolutely loved them in retrospect I’m really glad I got these so speaking on the four points we mentioned in terms of style these are amazing every time I wear them I get compliments and I always get the question where did you get them I wear those from and one thing I actually like is that I do get that question which is nice in the workplace because in the workplace you know a lot of times I wouldn’t want to wear Louboutins just because I think that’s a little bit flashy and it’s a little bit too attention grabby and potentially kind of an awkward way in the workplace so I love that these are clearly very chic clearly high-end but they don’t scream you know this is the designer and I love that they have the rock side detail to make them a little tougher I love that they are menswear but very girly I think they’re very very delicate and I love the bow because it adds a little bit of girliness without actually making it you know a flat person and one other thing I love is the details of the shoe in addition to this studs around the sole which I was initially terrified about but it turned out to be extremely durable nothing has ever happened I love the piping around the edges and the actual you know grosgrain bow so I think these are incredible and I think you know for the amount that they were the price was a 995 that they’re definitely worth it because they are a really really thick hard leather and because of that they do hold the crease but on the bright side they really don’t show stretches these are so pretty much mirrors smooth and the actual thickness of the leather reminds me a little bit of the Mansoor Gabriel bag leather so it’s very thick I think these are actually the thickest leather shoes that I have and this has two components one they make it incredibly flattering because they definitely are very form-fitting they definitely hold their shape then your image can hold your foot in and give it a beautiful silhouette the downside is it will take you longer to wear them in they are still not as comfortable as a lot of my other shoes but they’re beautiful and I’m determined to make them as comfortable as my other shapes just through repeated wear and of course through actually stretching video which is above or below will put it in the info card and below it only both and the great thing about these shoes is you can wear them for any occasion so I’ve worn these to you know job fairs I’ve worn them to work I’ve worn them for cocktail parties I’ve worn them to go out when I wanted a little bit more look at casual or menswear look and these are incredible they really are you know day-to-night the epitome of day-to-night and I like that they are very much structured they are my most comfortable shoes because of that because of that and because of the tapered toe so I would give them probably I have quite a few uncomfortable shoes so for my shoes I would say I’d give them about a 7 out of 10 for comfort but I have a lot of heels so these are great I wouldn’t say that they’re walk around all day kind of shoes just because there is that tapered point and because I like my shoes to fit snug that does you start to feel it after a few hours of walking around but overall these are amazing ok cool so going into my next pair I have my mentor Gabrielle classic lambskin giày lười in the colorful Emma and the biggest selling point for me on these is how comfy they’re they’re SuperDuper comfortable they are really really soft lambskin leather and as you guys can see I can just fold these in like the first time I wore them they were just completely comfortable and mold to your feet and also another benefit of that is that the creasing is a little bit less pronounced I’ve worn them a ton so it’s definitely there but it’s less pronounced especially when you wear them and they act the first time you put them on they just feel like a cloud these are so comfortable I think they are my most comfortable shoes so they would definitely get a 10 out of 10 for comfort and as far as durability I was really nervous about the light color red and how it would show water stains so I did end up treating these with a water protective and I don’t see any staining I also don’t see any scratching they’re a very smooth leather but the kind of feels like it wouldn’t scratch like it’s a treated smooth lather so I don’t think that scratching will end up being an issue I do have some very light scratches on the top but in general they’re not like my Gucci giày lười that have pronounced scratches in them and these are also really really flattering on I would say my Gucci giày lười are more flattering for two reasons BAM the Gucci giày lười is lower and so I think that’s a little bit more a little bit more flattering and also they’re thinner which is more flattering I find these just a touch less flattering but they’re still very very pretty and I think this somehow makes result look a little bit wider compared to the Gucci giày lười so that’s also why they’re not as flattering but they still are very very flattering and my favorite part about these are the color I love the color and that’s why they for sure don’t compete with my Gucci giày lười when I want a pop of color I wear these but these are actually super affordable for the quality they’re so premium and deliciously soft and they currently retail for four hundred and twenty-five dollars the US so they’re the cheapest shoes that we’ve shown you guys so far I just had a reaction because I forgot how affordable they actually worry yeah they’re very very affordable and they’re they’re just SuperDuper flattering and I really really like them and as far as occasion I definitely think these are the most casual so if I were to rate them so far I would say on his giày lười to what she was saying the Valentino ones because they have those Rock studs I think they can be the most formal then the Gucci giày lười were just to touch a little bit less formal and then these are the least formal I think it’s because they have no hardware so that’s part of it the color is also a little bit less formal if I got them in a black I think they would be they could do a little bit more formal I think they have a beautiful cognac that I would go for if I wanted you know a classic color not a pop of color but they are more casual shoe and I leaned into that with a color side so they’re a little bit less versatile you could wear them with a summer dress for sure but I would have wear them to a dinner or a cocktail party or anything like that this isn’t really a night room yeah exactly sound of night shoes a summer day shoe that I really love it is a 10 out of 10 in comfort and my last shoe are my Salvatore Ferragamo Vera bow pumps so I included these in this loafer review because I think if you’re a very girly person this can be what you would get and set up the giày lười that we have so I want to include them in here you know they kind of fill a similar niche my rock solo furs if you are a girlier person I can totally see it actually both have the faux they they’re both definitely the most formal of anything we’ve shown so they can do both formal but you can definitely dress them down and they both have a thicker leather years or patent minor just an incredibly sick definitely not lambskin just an incredibly sick beautiful leather and they both have hardware which I think definitely adds to the formal aspect of them yeah I just I agree so comfort wise I would say that these are pretty uncomfortable they’re definitely the least comfortable as the two I have and it’s because they’re patent leather they’re also very narrow which is why they are flattering but it’s because they’re very narrow and because of that they can be a little bit on comfy it took me a long time to break them in and there’s still not walk around all day they’re very much like do a lot of meetings and things with that but not walk around Central Park comfortable so I’m comfortable comfortable they’re probably around that five or six out of ten range but it’s our style they are very very flattering the only thing that I don’t like about them I think for casual wear they’re a bit too girly for me I love wearing them for meetings because I think it gives me that girlboss I’m saying like they’re definitely a very girly shoe but I think when paired with a suit jacket whether it brings out the dress or whether friends that was like a full suit they can look very boss lady I don’t know I just I really really love that look I sometimes go with my Gucci giày lười but recently I’ve been choosing these for work just because I think it’s good as a side note to have a shoe that you use for presentations because it kind of builds you up and makes you feel like today I’m going to conquer it it’s presentation these are my presentation shoes exactly like it’s kind of like a ritual and my Gucci giày lười that were so often they didn’t really fulfill that ritual very well but these are like presentation ready to kill it shoes so I just keep reaching for them for that and I just love how the girliness is contrast to how much I’m going to like Hill it is hot meeting so I really do like it for that and one thing it was just thinking when you said like a suit I think an amazing outfit would be I know suits have been a bigger thing than ever on even the runway but especially on the red carpet you know a matching suit with a lacy camisole or if it’s nighttime maybe no camisole just the suit jacket closed with these would be amazing yeah anything you can do to kind of boy these up I think that’s why they looked so great with the suit if I was wearing a really girly out that I probably wouldn’t put these on for a business meeting for casual I would never wear them unless I’m wearing like a leather jacket and like ripped jeans I have to be wearing such a tomboy out but in order for me to feel really really good when I wear these durability they’re incredibly durable because they’re a patent leather I’ve had these some of these are my oldest flats and they have like one scratch that I can see other than that they are pristine like the patent leather is just pristine has no damage whatsoever and currently these retail for 595 US dollars so they fall in that mid range for luxury shoes so I think that they’re very reasonably priced and I am really happy with them and now but when we bought my waiting for you which one is our favorite okay so for me this is no surprise it’s the Gucci giày lười I mean they are just so flattering so beautiful I love wearing them really casually I love wearing them dressy these are just my ride-or-die they’re definitely comfy enough to be a nine for me that’s super comfy I can wear them all day long it’s if these are my ride-or-die let’s say you’re on a little bit more of a budget my number two is 100% these they are super comfy really flattering I would go for them in a black as your first one maybe we already have a ton of black shoes and I would go in like a tan or cognac ODB’s they’re just so comfy really really flattering so yeah definitely these a 10-second mention if you’re on a little bit more for budget then definitely need what about you so my favorite is this will be no surprise these Valentino girl bunny rocks that’s all giày lười because they are the ones I got I love these so much they are an incredible shoe they’re my favorite shoe I always feel amazing when I put them on I would get so many compliments when I put them on but if I had to pick a second one and I want you especially after this video it would be deep whoa I’m super surprised before she told me would be the Gucci giày lười you know honestly cheerio so honestly hearing actually talk about these and then feeling the leather feeling how soft it was and thinking about the fact that I love my balance you know rock said loafer so much but they really are not walk around all day shoes I really want some of these because they are so cute so soft and just the perfect casual shoe I have my nights hang low for I have my day to night loafer about those Valentino shoes like this dozen each I don’t have and I won’t have a public color even though I were mostly black yeah and I feel like what if you have the Gucci giày lười they would really compete with your Valentino giày lười because they do have a lot of similarities as far as niche they’re both black they both have hardware etceteraGIày

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